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Omni Agent Solutions, A Professional Legal Case Administration Company

Omni Agent Solutions is an essential partner for your legal administration service needs.
Omni is a forward-thinking information management company focused on providing professional administrative services and technology solutions to simplify complex bankruptcy case administration. Designed with the restructuring professional in mind, Omni provides personal expert services and state of the art technology to deliver an unparalleled collaborative administration platform. Curated by its experienced team of professionals – who have 100+ years of aggregate experience in the administrative, legal, advisory and executive management sectors – Omni’s suite of technology solutions provides a complete set of administrative tools that compliment and integrate with the services provided by the other court-appointed restructuring professionals.

Years of experience
Active cases
We have developed Omni's technology, people and systems to insure that clients of all size and complexities receive outstanding customer service. Omni's singular focus is on efficiently providing the highest quality product.

Industries We Serve

Cosi, Inc., et al.
East Coas Bagel
Eat Here Brands, LLC, et al.
Flatironhotel Operations LLC
Garces Restaurant Group, Inc., et al.
Innkeepers USA Trust, et al.
KG Winddown, LLC, et al.
Munchery, Inc.
STA Travel, Inc.
Sustainable Restaurant Holdings, Inc.
the Alladin
1515 GEEnergy Holding Co. LLC, et al.
Bakken Resources, Inc.
Bruin E&P Partners, LLC
Chisholm Oil and Gas Operating, LLC
Dorchester Resources, L.P.
Empire Generating Co, LLC
Intervention Energy Holdings, LLC., et al.
Just Energy Group Inc., et al.
Memorial Production Partners LP, et al.
Midstates Petroleum Company, Inc.
Mission Coal Company, LLC Committee
Pacific Energy
Pacific Gas + Electric
Paramount Petrolium
PES Holdings, LLC, et al. (2018)
Thrifty Oil
UTEX Industries, Inc.
Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc., et al.
Brookstone Holdings Corp., et al.
Charming Charlie Holdings Inc., et al.
Chinos Holdings, Inc., Inc.
City Sports, Inc., et al.
Cornerstone Apparel, Inc.
Coyne International Enterprises Corp.
Draw Another Circle dba Hastings
Fairway Group Holdings Corp., et al.
Fao Schwarz
Firestar Diamond, Inc., et al.
Forever 21, Inc., et al.
Fredricks of Hollywood
Furr's Supermarkets, Inc.
Glansaol Holdings Inc., et al.
Groupe Dynamite Inc
GUE Liquidation Companies, Inc., et al.
HSP Liquidation, LLC, et al.
John Varvatos Enterprises, Inc.
Joyce Leslie, Inc.
Kid Brands, Inc., et al.
L.K. Bennett U.S.A., Inc.
Lucky's Market Parent Company, LLC, et al.
Michigan Sporting Goods Distributors, Inc.
NG Dip Inc. (f/k/a Nasty Gal, Inc.)
NSC Wholesale Holdings, LLC, et al.
Ortho Mattress
Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc., et al.
Party America
PBS Brand Co., LLC, et al.
Peekay Acquisition, LLC, et al.
Portrait Innovations, Inc., et al.
Premiere Jewellery, Inc., et al.
Quicksilver Resources Inc., et al.
Robbins Bros.
S & A Retail, Inc.
Seasons Corporate, et al.
SFP Franchise Corp., et al.
SLT Holdco, Inc.
THI Selling Corporation, et al.
Tower Records aka Three A's
Vestis Retail Group, LLC, et al.
VIP Cinema Holdings, Inc., et al.
4 West Holdings, Inc., et al.
AH Liquidation, Inc.
Benevis Corp
Center City Healthcare, LLC, et al.
Connections Community Support Programs, Inc.
Federation Employment and Guidance Service
Good Samaritan Lutheran Health Care Center
Hebrew Health Care, Inc., et al.
KidsPeace Corporation, et al.
NeuroproteXeon, Inc., et al.
PNW Healthcare Holdings, LLC, et al.
Response Genetics, Inc.
SAS Healthcare, Inc., et al.
Senior Care Centers, LLC, et al.
TAH Windown, Inc. fka SynCardia Systems, Inc.
Thomas Health System, Inc., et al.
TriVascular Sales LLC, et al.
Vascular Access Centers, L.P.
Vitamin World, Inc., et al.
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
SBSH Winddown, Inc., et al.
Zetta Jet USA, Inc., et al.
City of San Bernardino
Corinthian Colleges, Inc., et al.
Education Corporation of America
ITT Educational Services, Inc., et al.
Mission Group KS dba Wright Career College
Skip Barber Racing School LLC
United Education + Software
Weston Educational, Inc.
Estate Financial Inc.
Peregrine Financial Group, Inc.
Refco, Inc., et al.
ASHINC Corporation, et al. fka Allied Systems
Consolidated Infrastructure Group, Inc.
Dex Liquidating Co.
FAH Liquidating Corp., et al.
Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC, et al.
Gibson Brands, Inc., et al.
Horsehead Holding Corp., et al.
Lockwood Holdings, Inc., et al.
Ortho Mattress
Phoenix Brands LLC
Plastic Technologies of Vermont, Inc., et al.
RADG Décor Holdings, Inc., et al.
Revstone Industries, LLC, et al.
Standard Brands
The Northwest Company, LLC
Van De Kamps
At Home 2
Ensequence, Inc.
eToys Direct 1, LLC, et al.
Harris Publications ABC
Intellitravel Media, Inc.
KL Wind-Down, Inc., et al.
LBI Media, Inc., et al.
Metro Newspaper Advertising Services, Inc.
NG Dip Inc. (f/k/a Nasty Gal, Inc.)
RE Liquidation Corp., et al.
Stream TV Networks, Inc.
Boy Scouts of America
CDS U.S. Holdings, Inc.
Cinemex USA Real Estate Holdings, Inc.
CTE 1 LLC dba Lexus of Englewood
GVS Texas Holdings I, LLC, et al.
Hexion Topco, LLC, et al.
Juno USA LP, et al.
Knotel, Inc., et al.
KP Engineering, LP, et al.
Magnesium Corp of America & Renco Metals, Inc
OneWeb Global Limited, et al.
Santa Fe Gold Corporation, et al.
Southeastern Metal Products, LLC, et al.
USA Gymnastics
USI Services Group, Inc., et al.
Answers Holdings, Inc., et al.
AV Debtor Holdings, et al.
eToys Direct 1, LLC, et al.
Global Crossing
iQor Holdings Inc.
JMO Wind Down, Inc.
Limitless Mobile, LLC
Quirky, Inc., et al.
Tintri, Inc.
VG Liquidation Inc., et al.

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