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Monday, June 15, 2020

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CourtFiledDebtorCase NoAttorneyAssetsLiabilities
D. Del.6/15/202024 Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc.20-11558Laura Davis Jones> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/15/2020Pyxus International, Inc.20-11570Pauline K. Morgan> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/15/2020Table Mountain Resources, LLC20-11555Marc R. Abrams> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/15/2020XOG Services, LLC20-11556Marc R. Abrams> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/15/2020XTR Midstream, LLC20-11557Marc R. Abrams> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020Accero, Inc.20-11536Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020Amber Holding Inc.20-11534Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020CyberShift Holdings, Inc.20-11538Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020CyberShift, Inc.20-11537Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020MindLeaders, Inc.20-11535Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020Pointwell Limited20-11540Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020Skillsoft Corporation20-11532Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020Skillsoft Ireland Limited20-11544Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020Skillsoft Limited20-11543Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020Skillsoft U.K. Limited20-11546Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020SSI Investments I Limited20-11539Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020SSI Investments II Limited20-11541Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020SSI Investments III Limited20-11542Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020SumTotal Systems LLC20-11533Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B
D. Del.6/14/2020ThirdForce Group Limited20-11545Mark D. Collins> $1B> $1B

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Featured Article

Pre-Bankruptcy Retention Bonuses - At Hertz, Penney, Libbey, Others - Are Rampant

Hertz, JC Penney JCP, Libbey, Borden, Chuck E. Cheese: All of these well-known American companies have two things in common. They all have filed or are expected to file for bankruptcy and they all paid out generous bonuses to some of their executives, usually right before they filed.

The disparity in pay scales between C-level officers and rank-and-file workers in American business has perhaps never been as wide as it now. Nor has it ever been more contentious an issue as it is now.

With government bail-outs and loans going to many American corporations at the same time they were laying off or furloughing hundreds of thousands of workers, providing six and seven-figure payouts to senior managers has risen to near the top of arguments that big business has gone too far.

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Forbes by Warren Shoulberg. Published June 9, 2020.

Latest News

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Murray Energy Bankruptcy Still Casts Shadow on Coal’s Economic Viability

Hard-Hit Retailers Projected to Shutter as Many as 25,000 Stores This Year, Mostly in Malls

Potbelly Works to Avoid Bankruptcy

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