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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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CourtFiledDebtorCase NoAttorneyAssetsLiabilities
D. Del.10/7/2020RT Denver Franchise, L.P.20-12465James E. O'Neill$500k - $1M$500k - $1M
D. Del.10/7/2020RT Detroit Franchise, LLC20-12468James E. O'Neill$1M - $10M$500k - $1M
D. Del.10/7/2020RT Las Vegas Franchise, LLC20-12460James E. O'Neill$100k - $500k$500k - $1M
D. Del.10/7/2020RT Long Island Franchise, LLC20-12464James E. O'Neill$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Del.10/7/2020RT Michiana Franchise, LLC20-12466James E. O'Neill$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Del.10/7/2020RT of Carroll County, LLC20-12462James E. O'Neill$0 - $50k$0 - $50k
D. Del.10/7/2020RT Southwest Franchise, LLC20-12459James E. O'Neill$0 - $50k$500k - $1M
D. Del.10/7/2020RT St. Louis Franchise, LLC20-12463James E. O'Neill$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Del.10/7/2020RT Tampa Franchise, LP20-12467James E. O'Neill$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Del.10/7/2020RTBD, LLC20-12461James E. O'Neill$0 - $50k$0 - $50k
D. Del.10/7/2020RTI Holding Company, LLC20-12456James E. O'Neill$100M - $500M$100M - $500M
D. Del.10/7/2020Ruby Tuesday, Inc.20-12457James E. O'Neill$100M - $500M$100M - $500M
D. Del.10/7/2020Ruby Tuesday, LLC20-12458James E. O'Neill$0 - $50k$0 - $50k
N.D. Cal.10/6/2020Delta Sandblasting Company, Inc.20-10546Stephen D. Finestone$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
N.D. Cal.10/6/2020Pneuma International, Inc. (Second Filing)20-41618Lars Fuller$100k - $500k$1M - $10M
W.D. Tex.10/6/2020Double H Transportation LLC (Second Filing)20-31055Michael R. Nevarez$100k - $500k$100k - $500k
W.D. Tex.10/6/2020WC 4811 South Congress, LLC20-11105Mark H. Ralston$10M - $50M$1M - $10M
W.D. Tex.10/6/2020WC 8120 Research, LP20-11106Mark H. Ralston$10M - $50M$1M - $10M
W.D. Tex.10/6/2020WC South Congress Square, LLC20-11107Mark H. Ralston$50M - $100M$10M - $50M
W.D. Tex.10/6/2020WC Teakwood Plaza, LLC20-11104Mark H. Ralston$10M - $50M$1M - $10M

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Featured Article

Twisted Bailout Economy: Chapter 11 Bankruptcies Surged, But Commercial Chapter 13 Bankruptcies Plunged. 420,000 Small Businesses Closed Quietly, Highest Rate Ever

In the world of struggling businesses, debt defaults, bankruptcies, and closures, there is now a clear dividing line.

On one side are those businesses that got bailed out by the government, whether they needed it or not, such as the $25 billion in grants and loans for a handful of airlines, or the $525 billion in PPP loans handed to 5.2 million business entities, from minuscule to large, and some fraudulent. On the same side are businesses with access to the capital markets that got bailed out by the Fed whose corporate bond buying programs drove credit markets into frenzy, eager to fund nearly anything.

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Wolf Street by Wolf Richter. Published October 6, 2020.

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Our daily newsletter provides access to recent significant chapter case filings, relevant restructuring news and samples of our current distressed company profiles.
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