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Friday, November 20, 2020

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CourtFiledDebtorCase NoAttorneyAssetsLiabilities
N.D. Cal.11/19/20201008 3rd Ave, LLC20-41809E. Vincent Wood$0 - $50k$1M - $10M
C.D. Cal.11/19/2020CNC Puma Corporation20-17551J. Luke Hendrix$100k - $500k$1M - $10M
C.D. Cal.11/19/2020Innovation Pet, Inc., a California corporation20-13223James C. Bastian, Jr.$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
S.D. Tex.11/19/2020Rock International Investment Inc.20-35623Matthew D. Cavenaugh
S.D. Fla.11/19/2020UTS UNDERGROUND TRENCHLESS SOLUTIONS, LLC20-22675Christina Vilaboa-Abel$100k - $500k$500k - $1M
D. Mass.11/19/202037 Calumet Street LLC (Second Filing)20-12253Gary W. Cruickshank$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Mass.11/19/202037 Calumet Street LLC (Second Filing)20-12253Gary W. Cruickshank$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Ariz.11/19/2020Shea 92, LLC20-12640William R. Richardson$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Me.11/19/2020House Island North Real Estate Holding Company, LLC20-20425George J. Marcus$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Mont.11/19/2020Harvey Ost Oilfield Services, LLC (Second Filing)20-40109Steven M. Johnson$100k - $500k$1M - $10M
C.D. Cal.11/18/2020IBH Management PS, LLC20-17537Michael Jay Berger$0 - $50k$1M - $10M
N.D. Tex.11/18/2020CRD Hospitality, Inc.20-32879Kevin S Wiley Jr$0 - $50k$100k - $500k
N.D. Tex.11/18/2020CustArchProd, LLC20-32878Eric A. Liepins$0 - $50k$100k - $500k
S.D. Fla.11/18/2020FBC Group, LLC20-22667Alan R. Crane$50k - $100k$500k - $1M
D. Mass.11/18/2020The Next Place, LLC20-12249Jordan Shapiro$500k - $1M$500k - $1M
W.D. Pa.11/18/2020Deer Creek Diner, LLC20-23252Christopher M. Frye$0 - $50k$100k - $500k
D. Colo.11/18/20201301 South Dayton Street Townhomes, LLC20-17487Sami M. Ragab$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
D. Colo.11/18/2020Bavaria Inn Restaurant, Inc.20-17488Jeffrey A. Weinman$500k - $1M$1M - $10M
D. Colo.11/18/2020General Moly, Inc.20-17493John F. Young$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
M.D. La.11/18/2020Pelican Properties & Investments, Inc20-10774Pro Se$500k - $1M$500k - $1M

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Featured Article

Lender Civil Warfare Pierces Credit Euphoria

Once upon a time it would have been unthinkable — if not career suicide — for lenders to make risky loans without what are called “covenants”. These are contractual protections that, among other things, served as an early warning of a company’s increasing financial distress or that prevented it from borrowing additional money without an existing lender’s approval.

But these days, so-called “cov-lite” leveraged loans are all the rage among borrowers and lenders alike and comprise, by some accounts, nearly 90 per cent of all the riskiest loans issued in the US in 2019.

Read the full article

Financial Times by William Cohan. Published November 17, 2020.

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Our daily newsletter provides access to recent significant chapter case filings, relevant restructuring news and samples of our current distressed company profiles.
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