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Friday, January 14, 2022

Bankruptcy Today Weekender

Catch up on relevant current restructuring news, case filings, legal issues and developments.

Potential Chapter 11 Filings

E-scooter Rental Firm Spin to Lay Off a Quarter of Its Staff

Huntington Mayor Talks Possible Bankruptcy Filing for City

Galesburg’s Cottage Hospital Suspends Operations

Bailout for Pension Fund of Local 138 Averts Looming Insolvency

CannTrust Says It’s on Verge of Bankruptcy

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Notable Filings

Seadrill Unit Files for Bankruptcy Seeking 24-hour Turnaround

‘Crippling’ Staff Shortages Push Nursing Home Chain into Bankruptcy

Famous Anthony’s Owners Filing for Bankruptcy in Wake of Hepatitis A Outbreak

O-I Glass subsidiary Paddock Files Bankruptcy Plan with Court

Legal Issues

Bankruptcy Court Motion Seeks Zayat Home Foreclosure

Going, Going, Gone: Third Circuit Confirms Auction Outcome Can Be Strong Evidence of Fair Value

Justices Add New Cases on Bankruptcy, Workers’ Comp, and Relief from Final Judgments

Bankruptcy Court Holds Arbitration Clause Unenforceable When Underlying Contract Is Rejected Pursuant to Section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code

Puerto Rico Bonds Rise as Judge Set to Accept Modified Debt Plan

US Supreme Court Grants Review to Cases on Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Law, Workers’ Comp

J&J Talc Judge Says Legal Shield Dispute Is for Bankruptcy Court

Brazos Bankruptcy Judge Narrows ERCOT Defense of $2 Billion Bill

Red River Making Progress in Bankruptcy Court

Going Once, Wait, Going Twice? Texas Bankruptcy Judge Reopens Limetree Bay Auction

Courts Are Trying to Vet Boy Scout Sex Abuse Claims

Feature Articles

Who Gets Released in Chapter 11?

U.S. to Back Puerto Rico Law, Slowing Plan to Restructure Debt

Purdue Pharma Can Appeal Rejection of Bankruptcy Plan

Mallinckrodt Makes Final Plea for Approval of Bankruptcy Opioid Deal

Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Plan Missed Mark in Vote by Sex Abuse Claimants

‘2022 Could Be the Year of Financial Reckoning’: Bankruptcies Fell Dramatically in 2021, but These Challenges Await

The ‘TurboTax of Bankruptcy’ Aims to Help People in Medical Debt Rebuild Their Financial Lives

“Ultimately, We Were Fighting for Survival”: McLaren Team Principal Reveals How the Team Were on Brink of Filing for Bankruptcy

Towards a Working Profile of Medical Bankruptcy

This Beloved Seafood Chain Is Making a Comeback After Bankruptcy

Pandemic Bankruptcies: How Firms Can Emerge Stronger

Section 363 Sales - Is Section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code Jurisdictional?

Omicron Absenteeism Poses Fresh Test to U.S. Economy

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Rehabilitation Proceedings in the Netherlands

Section 363 Sales - Is Section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code Jurisdictional?

2017 Amendments to Bankruptcy Rules Do Not Permit Lien Avoidance Through Chapter 13 Plan

Limetree Bay: Messy Auction Process Generates Increased Recoveries

Voting on Plan of Reorganization Concludes with Strong Support

Brooklyn’s Bankrupt All Year Management Attracting Bidders, Lawyer Says

Seadrill Unit Files for Bankruptcy Seeking 24-Hour Turnaround

Senior Living Bond Defaults: Do Bondholders or Residents Have Priority Over Entrance Fees?

The Trustee Cometh: Responding to Adversary Complaints in Bankruptcy Cases

If Prices Keep Rising, a Nightmare Scenario for the US Economy Is a Real Possibility

Aeromexico’s Chapter 11 Plan Receives Heavy Support During Vote

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Rehabilitation Proceedings in Portugal

I Shall [Not] Be Released: Wellspring, Director Releases, and the Duty of Loyalty in Restructuring Negotiations

The Bankruptcy Pegasus: Stalking Horse Agreements in Aviation

As Demand Languishes, Bankruptcy Practices Market Their Services to Distressed Companies

Mediation Order in Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy: Managing A Tension

Betting Big on Pandemic-Era Expansion, Arizona Sanitary Wipes Maker Goes Bust Instead

Major Creditor in Bankruptcy Case Involving Former Olympus Pools Owner Wants Entire Case Tossed

Omicron Hastens U.S. Restaurants’ Sales Drop, Bankruptcy Threat

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