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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

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CourtFiledDebtorCase NoAttorneyAssetsLiabilities
N.D.N.Y.2/28/20237 Perry Hill Road LLC23-10195Raymond Ragues$100k-$500k$100k-$500k
C.D. Cal.2/28/2023Immediate Properties, LLC23-10248Michael Jay Berger$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
C.D. Cal.2/28/2023Pacific Bend, Inc.23-10761Vanessa M. Haberbush$10M-$50M$10M-$50M
N.D. Cal.2/28/2023Timberstone 4038T, LLC., a Delaware limited liability company23-30109Sarah M. Stuppi$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
S.D. Fla.2/28/202365 Team LLC (Second Filing)23-11588Pro Se$500k-$1M$100k-$500k
D. Mass.2/28/2023Scharn Industries, LLC23-10298Gary W. Cruickshank$50k-$100k$500k-$1M
M.D. Pa.2/28/2023Northeast Tomato Distributors Inc.23-00432Robert E. Chernicoff$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
D. Colo.2/28/2023Western Slope Holding Company23-10711Stephen Berken$500k-$1M$1M-$10M
E.D. La.2/28/2023Pearl Inc.23-10276Robin R. De Leo$100k-$500k$1M-$10M
N.D. Miss.2/28/2023FeiliTech US LLC23-10599Kristina M. Johnson$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
M.D.N.C.2/28/2023Berktree, LLC23-80037James C. White$50k-$100k$1M-$10M
W.D.N.C.2/28/2023Dei Vitae Enterprises, LLC23-30148John C. Woodman$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
M.D.N.C.2/28/2023K Medical Supplies, LLC23-80036James C. White$100k-$500k$1M-$10M
D.P.R.2/28/2023JG FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC23-00603Carlos Alberto Ruiz$0-$50k$50k-$100k
E.D. Va.2/28/2023Macedon Consulting Inc.23-10300Michael E. Hastings$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
S.D.N.Y.2/27/2023Aru Pharma, Inc.23-22157Michael. G. McAuliffe$100k-$500k$1M-$10M
S.D.N.Y.2/27/2023GAV Rest. Corp23-10275Lawrence Morrison$0-$50k$100k-$500k
C.D. Cal.2/27/2023DVD Factory, Inc.23-11085Michael Jay Berger$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
N.D. Ill.2/27/2023Chicago South Loop Hotel Owner, LLC23-02595Penelope N. Bach$10M-$50M$1M-$10M
W.D. Tex.2/27/2023Cen Tex Superior Installation LLC23-10106Robert C Lane$100k-$500k$100k-$500k

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Featured Article

Proposed UCC Amendments: Old Article 9 & New Article 12

Proposed amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code are being introduced, during January and February of 2023, as bills in state legislatures across the land.

The Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) has been enacted, in some form, by all fifty of the United States and by the District of Columbia. The UCC:

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mediatbankry by Donald L. Swanson. Published February 28, 2023.

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Our daily newsletter provides access to recent significant chapter case filings, relevant restructuring news and samples of our current distressed company profiles.
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