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Monday, March 6, 2023

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CourtFiledDebtorCase NoAttorneyAssetsLiabilities
S.D. Tex.3/5/2023Hot'z Power Wash, Inc.23-30749Reese Baker$50k-$100k$50k-$100k
E.D.N.Y.3/3/202329th Ave LLC23-40745Kevin Tung$500k-$1M$1M-$10M
E.D.N.Y.3/3/20235904 Foster Avenue Trust, Lamor Whitehead, Trustee23-40744Brian L. Ponder$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
S.D.N.Y.3/3/2023Key Digital Systems Inc.23-22176Dawn Kirby$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
N.D. Cal.3/3/2023NGI East Bay Portfolio, LLC23-40243Chris Kuhner$0-$50k$10M-$50M
C.D. Ill.3/3/2023MRVandy Inc.23-80142Sumner A. Bourne$100k-$500k$1M-$10M
S.D. Tex.3/3/2023Curitec, LLC23-90108Casey Doherty$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
S.D. Tex.3/3/2023Robbin's Nest for Children LLC (Second Filing)23-30735Margaret M. McClure$500k-$1M$500k-$1M
M.D. Fla.3/3/2023Lifsey Real Estate & Holdings, Inc.23-00817Kathleen L. DiSanto$0-$50k$100k-$500k
S.D. Fla.3/3/2023Texas Coastal Group, LLC23-11704John E. Page$50M-$100M$1M-$10M
S.D. Fla.3/3/2023Tinto Holdings Ltda.23-11719Nyana Abreu Miller
D. Mass.3/3/2023AnthymTV Co.23-10324Andrea M. O'Connor$500k-$1M$500k-$1M
D. Mass.3/3/2023REPC Holdings Inc.23-30075Peter J. Haley$50k-$100k$500k-$1M
E.D. Pa.3/3/2023Recondition Pros Penn, LLC23-10639Lara S. Martin$100k-$500k$50k-$100k
W.D. Mo.3/3/2023Noble Health Real Estate II LLC23-20100Ronald S. Weiss$0-$50k$10M-$50M
W.D.N.C.3/3/2023Global Care Administrators, Inc.23-30160John C. Woodman$50k-$100k$1M-$10M
S.D.N.Y.3/2/2023Fondue 26, LLC23-10306Anne Penachio$0-$50k$1M-$10M
C.D. Cal.3/2/2023Immanuel Sobriety Inc.23-10806Crystle J. Lindsey$100k-$500k$500k-$1M
D. Mass.3/2/202334 Sumner Realty LLC23-30073Louis S. Robin$1M-$10M$1M-$10M
D. Mass.3/2/2023Ralph T. Centanni, Trustee of the Frederick A. Centanni Jr. Living Trust and not individually23-10317Gary W. Cruickshank$1M-$10M$500k-$1M

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Featured Article

Voyager’s Bankruptcy Token Needs Regulation, SEC Lawyer Says

New cryptocoins that Voyager Digital Ltd. plans to issue to pay creditors in bankruptcy are actually securities that should be regulated, a lawyer with the US Securities and Exchange Commission said in court Friday.

The comments by William Uptegrove, reflecting the views of the SEC staff, may complicate the bankrupt crypto firm’s proposal to repay creditors by issuing the digital tokens, part of a plan that also includes selling itself Binance.US, the US arm of the world’s biggest crypto exchange.

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Bloomberg L.P. by Steven Church. Published March 3, 2023.

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Our daily newsletter provides access to recent significant chapter case filings, relevant restructuring news and samples of our current distressed company profiles.
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