Call Centers

Our Call Center Solution Is A Domestic 24/7 Communications Hub

Call Centers

800 Call Center Services

Omni’s call center is an effective communication tool to provide pertinent information, reduce valuable time and eliminate the burden of responding to a high volume of inquiries.

Live Operators, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Voicemail Boxes and Foreign Language Services

Call centers provide a direct communication tool between debtors, creditors and interested parties, setting a tone of cooperation and transparency. Omni regularly supports programs requiring telephone, email or other communications services. Our domestic based call centers are available 365/24/7, and have live operators, interactive voice systems, voicemail box and foreign language services – all recorded, logged and electronically delivered via an online call management system. Specifically, our integrated call center system:

  • Employs Spanish-speaking customer service representatives (and can staff for numerous other languages), and uses a translation service for more than 100 languages
  • Combines an interactive voice response (IVR) technology to identify and route callers appropriately (for example, press 1 if you are a former employee, press 2 if you are vendor/supplier) with the diverse functionality of an automated voicemail system or live operator
  • Affords live operators the ability to provide scripted answers to frequently asked questions, document messages into the call center database and route substantive issue calls to the appropriate parties
  • Logs IVR messages into the call center database and routes all administrative issue calls to Omni personnel (issues requiring additional attention are identified, categorized and directed to the appropriate party)
  • Provides an audit and tracking call management system to monitor the status of all calls received and provides robust reporting capabilities (all reporting is available online and reports can be emailed at a desired frequency)

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