Case Administration

Successful Case Administration Streamlines The Process and Relieves Administrative Stress

Case Administration

Case Administration Services

From pre-filing preparations through distribution, Omni’s strategic administrative and logistical consulting services play a key role in a cost-effective, successful restructuring process, alleviating the burdens of a bankruptcy case so the company and its professionals can focus on business operations and the fundamental restructuring transaction.

Strategic Case Management, Schedules and SOFA preparation, Data and Document Management, Virtual Data Rooms

Omni’s administrative consulting starts by working with the company and its advisors to create a customized, strategic case blueprint. Upon filing, that plan is implemented and accessible via an online case dashboard that transparently tracks and audits the case’s progress, budget spending and reporting. Throughout the case, Omni leverages its diverse team of experts, proven best practices, and integrated technology platform to seamlessly integrate with restructuring professionals and, ultimately, streamline the administrative aspects of a chapter 11 case. Services include:

  • Preparing the creditor matrix, 20 largest lists, case-specific website, 800# set up
  • Compiling service lists for noticing key parties and constituents
  • Compiling and preparing the Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Financial Affairs
  • Compliance with the United States Trustee requirements, including initial filing requirements, monthly operating reports, quarterly fee statements and post- confirmation reports
  • Compiling, reviewing and centralizing contracts, leases and other documents in a virtual data room for assumption/rejection analysis, schedule preparation, diligence, discovery, asset sales, HIPAA document repository, etc.
  • Comprehensive document management and eDocument conversion solutions, including electronic document scanning and management, paperless environments, document conversion, litigation support and elimination of storage
  • Assisting with or performing duties of a plan administrator or liquidating trustee

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