Claims Management

Our Claims Management Solution is Online, Interactive and On Demand

Claims Management

Claims Management Services

Omni’s claims management system has been specifically designed to leverage our technology and expert services. Our collaborative platform allows us to integrate directly with our clients and their restructuring professionals. The result is a secure and cost-effective solution that simplifies the claims administration process.

Collaborative Claims Management System, Online eClaims Submission, Online Claims Docket, Claim Reconciliation and Live Data Reporting

Omni’s experienced claims team, coupled with our intuitive claims management technology, provides a complete claims management solution replete with all the tools necessary to administer claims and seamlessly integrate with restructuring professionals. We work collaboratively with our clients and their advisors to determine how they work best and strategize how to make information flow seamlessly, and then we design a claims solution that best suites the needs of that particular case.

Our claims management system facilitates the orderly administration of claims data. From uploading the schedules, to serving the bar date notices, to the proofs of claim filing process, to claims reconciliation, through to disbursements based on allowed claims, the claims management system is integrated directly into our plan solicitation database and distribution systems, enabling us to leverage data and increase overall case efficiency.

Omni manages each step of the claims administration process, including:

  • Preparing customized claim forms -- including identification coding and scheduled claim information -- for increased efficiency and accuracy during processing
  • Converting paper proofs of claim into electronic format to allow claims to be viewed, printed and downloaded from the case’s chapter 11 website
  • Providing an official claims register for limited use by the general public, as well as a database providing full access by authorized parties to all claims-related data in a secure, password-protected online portal
  • Tracking all information related to filed claims, scheduled claims, transferred claims, potential objections, actual objections, orders, stipulations, settlements and disbursements
  • Providing standardized reporting that generates real-time claims data, customized reports that can be regenerated on demand, automated report formats and live reports online for 24/7 access (option to easily downloaded into Excel)
  • Assisting with the claims reconciliation process by providing claims workbooks, reconciliation worksheets, objection exhibits and service lists
  • Backing up all claims data to a secure remote location via a real-time, state-of-the-art backup system
  • Providing the electronic filing of proofs of claim, if authorized by the Court

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