Committee Services

Omni Provides Official Committees With Critical Administrative Support

Committee Services

Official Committee Services

In today’s bankruptcy climate the roles and requirements of official committees are more diverse than ever. Omni provides a full suite of services to help meet the legal and administrative obligations required by Official Committee’s in today’s marketplace.

Websites, Noticing, Call Centers, Solicitation and Custom Administrative Solutions

Omni provides support to official committees acting as their Information Agent, Administrative Agent or as a professional project-based solution. As such, Omni provides wide-ranging, customized support to official committees including:

  • Informational websites, case data and documents, online eClaims and eBalloting solution, direct communications between the committee and its constituents
  • Dedicated toll-free call center or voicemail solution to provide public case information, respond to creditor inquiries and deliver daily and online call logs
  • Mail, email, facsimile and overnight service of documents and notices
  • Complete plan solicitation services, including options for less expensive solicitation solutions
  • Comprehensive reconciliation services, including customized claim workbooks, claim resolution reports, individual claim worksheets, objection exhibits and service lists
  • Disbursement services, from preparation and issuance of disbursement checks to bank reconciliations

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