Solicitation Services

Professional Solicitation Services Makes Plans Go Effective Faster

Solicitation Services

Solicitation Services

As a balloting agent, Omni is proactive in the solicitation process, from the earliest preparations through plan confirmation and the effective date. We make even the most complex solicitations simple, and our online e-balloting makes it cost effective.

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Omni’s significant experience as a balloting agent, combined with its state-of-the-art information processing systems, facilitate the solicitation and tabulation of votes on a plan of reorganization. Omni’s experts have executed thousands of solicitations, from simple liquidating plans to complex debt for equity swaps (see Public Securities).

Omni solicitation services include:

  • Comprehensive voter classification reports
  • Individualized ballot design to ensure optimal tabulation accuracy and efficiency
  • Online eBalloting for direct processing and cost efficiency
  • Securities identification and solicitation via coordination with stock transfer agents, the Depository Trust Company, banks, brokerages, street name nominees and proxy companies
  • Professional fulfillment and distribution of ballots, notices and disclosure statement/plan documents to creditors as outlined in the voting procedures
  • Comprehensive ballot reports that include information on parties who have both returned ballots and not returned ballots
  • Official ballot certification and testimony, as required
  • Final reporting for distribution, elections, rights offering, exchange offers and debt for equity swaps

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