Informational Websites

Informational Websites Provide Critical Access Points to Key Information, Critical Case Communications and Online Submissions

Informational Websites

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Case administration informational websites are the public’s portal to case information, documents, online submissions and direct contact with debtors. Private access informational websites provide case professional with direct access to information databases and tools to leverage case data for their client’s benefit. Omni’s website provides easy access to case information and are easily customized to the needs of each case.

Custom Informational Websites, Online eClaims and eBalloting System, Address Verification System, Completely Customizable and Live Case Data

Now more than ever, it is imperative that access to fundamental case information is provided to interested parties as quickly and efficiently as possible. Omni’s informational websites are key access points for secure public and private access to case information. Omni has developed scalable comprehensive and user-friendly informational websites for debtors, official committees, professionals, advisors, trustees, receivers and clients. Our dedicated, on-site information technology staff is available to customize websites to the specifications of our clients. Our basic websites are always created free of charge and are generally available in a matter of minutes. Our technology systems are fully automated and data and case dockets are downloaded directly into our website and databases.

Among other things, our website:

  • Provides quick and easy access to general case information, court dockets and documents, proof of claim forms and filing instructions
  • Allows interested parties to submit inquiries to clients and/or their professionals
  • Provides for eClaims and eBalloting online submissions
  • Offers custom eRegistration solutions for custom elections, distributions, customer forms and address verifications
  • Facilitates complete address identification, by allowing interested parties to review and manage their noticing information to insure they receive accurate notice via their preferred method of service directly on the website
  • Allows users to subscribe to email docket delivery service and receive case dockets at their desired frequency

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